My Writing

The Dragon of Kveldmir is my first short story, the tale of a young man who journeys to a 51N0oHsQvRLfar off land on a quest to defeat a dragon. Along the way he hears the names and deeds of heroes; legends and rumors of valiant heroes and terrible warriors.

The Dragon of Kveldmir was inspired by several old stories, the two most notable being ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ and the tale of Sigurd and Fafnir along with bits and pieces from other Anglo Saxon stories, folklore, and modern fantasy.

I wanted to capture the sense of a story being told within a larger world, and it helped that what was originally supposed to be a short, stand alone story shoved it’s way into the mythology and fantasy world I’ve spent the last decade piecing together.

By the time Dragon was sent in for publication several new characters had elbowed their way in and demanded to have their stories told. Karik and Revik Wyrdmaster among the most notable. The king Ulric, the subject of an earlier poem I wrote, managed to squeeze his way into the story, even if only briefly.

So at present I’m at work telling those stories as well. Ulric is standing by patiently for a second edition of Dragon for his story to be told, and Karik is steadily getting more annoyed at me for neglecting him to work on Oath Bound. But such is life.

THANE is the the next chapter in the story Throlf passed through, and young Alvar is watching his Jarl as the story unfolds, and if all goes well it will unfold for you all by the end of 2017…


…God willing and the creek don’t rise, as some of us country folk say.

OathBoundGI am also working on Oath Bound, a story based on the historical figure of Queen Asa, the mother of Halfdan the Black.

The story follows a young man named Rolf who swears his loyalty to the queen and follows her as she escapes her husband and seeks to regain her father’s throne.