Oath Bound

Oath Bound is my first foray into serial stories, something that will hone my craft as a writer (mainly by developing discipline) and hopefully will be something you will enjoy.

By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France – Le bateau viking d’Oseberg, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24670667

Oath Bound is a piece of historical fiction in that it is inspired by a few names and short lines in Norse Sagas that focus around Queen Asa Haraldsdottir of Agder. She is mentioned in the Sagas, and some believe that she is the queen buried on the Osberg Ship, one of the most complete burial ships we have found from the era.

I hope you enjoy the series, the pages will be posted here and linked in my blog and various writing notes will be shared here as well. Feel free to leave comments, thoughts, or questions on anything in or around the story, writers love feedback!




In which we meet Rolf, a young wanderer in search of a home.

Part I: Oath Bound

Rolf makes his way to Geirstad where King Gudrod rules secure over his thanes. He seeks to swear a sword oath to the wealthy king, but things do not go as he expected.

Part II: Einir

Geirstad completes the harvest and Rolf learns more about the hall he has joined, and finds that all is not as happy as he had thought.

Part III: A Spear in the Dark

Gudrod takes his wife and sons with him to visit some of his more distant jarls. But the thread of his fate is rapidly running out.

Part IV: Oaths Kept

Queen Asa’s oath is fulfilled, but it is dangerous to kill a king. The second step in her plan means letting others decide her fate, or so it seems.

Part V: Oaths Undying

Asa comes before the Judgement Stones to speak to the law readers, and to defend her murder of her husband. But she is not the only voice that will be heard, and there are many who wish her dead.

Part VI: Old and New

With Gudrod finally behind her, Asa is ready to return to her home and begin repairing the damage he did to her life. But the oaths that bind men do not die so easily.

Part VII: The Return of the Queen

Coming September 13th